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A Glorious Day That Must Always Be Remembered

Photo: Safita, Syria

September 5, 2017, Syrian Arab Army units advance east and break the longest siege in the modern military history.

Led by hero martyr, Major General Issam Zahreddine, about 4,000 fighters of SAA and the auxiliary forces faced thousands of ISIS terrorists with their suicide bombers and US direct support from July 14, 2014 till Sep 5, 2017.

Through a fierce race on both sides of the Euphrates River, SAA’s special tasks forces advanced from Aleppo countryside through Raqaa countryside alongside the southern side of the river, covering the advancing forces in the desert while deceiving the US and its SDF mercenaries to think that they were the main forces heading to Deir Ezzor.

Few days after breaking the siege, SAA units secured the military airport and kept fighting until they secured the governorate on November 17.

According to the former US ambassador Robert Ford, who was interviewed by Al-Mayadeen TV, the US administration was shocked that the SAA units advancing from Palmyra through the desert, managed to break the siege and clean a wide area of open desert full of ISIS terrorists cells and mines in a very short time, while protecting its flanks.

Supported by ally forces and Syrian-Russian air cover, SAA units made their way to Deir Ezzor after 3 months of continuous clashes.

Hero martyr, Lieutenant General Q.S had a major role in planning and executing this operation and was always on the front lines as he used to be in every battle.

This is our legacy, a glorious history, written by pure souls and baptized with blood, this is what we will leave to the next generations, our faith in our homeland.


Video showing the first glorious moments of breaking the siege.

Syrian Army with Russian air support breaks airbase siege near Deir ez-Zor – MоD — RT World News

Source: Believe in Syria

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