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American Veterans Union (AVU) statement on the 56th Anniversary of the USS Liberty incident

The American Veterans Union (AVU) remembers the 56th Anniversary of the USS Liberty incident, in which Israeli jets bombed the USS Liberty, a technical research ship for the US Navy.

The United States was not involved in the Six Day War, in which Israel was in a war of aggression with Egypt, Syria and Jordan. Israel was hoping to win the war faster, so they had decided to bomb a US Navy ship and blame it on Egypt so that the United States would intervene on the side of Israel in the war.

As a result of this incident, 34 US Navy soldiers were killed as a result of the attack by the Israeli Air Force. The signals on the ship were jammed, and the Israelis were jamming the signals on the ship, which is against international law. During the few seconds in which the USS Liberty was not jammed, they tried to call for help. When the US Air Force responded to the distress signals, they were called back twice by Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara, and Rear Admiral Larry Geis was told by President Lyndon B Johnson that “…he didn’t care if the ship sunk, he would not embarrass his allies.”

American politicians in both the Democratic and Republican parties talk about how Israel is “America’s greatest ally”. This is far from the truth, as the USS Liberty incident shows that Israel killed our own soldiers to trick Americans into a war with 3 different Arab countries. The United States needs to reassess its relationship with Israel, and in the process must end all financial and military aid to the State of Israel.

The USS Liberty Veterans Association is still looking for justice 56 years later. The association has written about how there has been no US Congressional hearing or investigation on the incident, and any attempt to even question Israel’s conduct gets you silenced in American politics.

The American Veterans Union condemns the State of Israel in their attempt to create a false flag to bring Americans into an unnecessary war.

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