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Antifascist Congress in Minsk Passes Resolution

Participants of the 2nd International Anti-Fascist Congress, which is taking place in Minsk, have passed a resolution in the name of humanity’s future.

The document is titled as “We will stop neo-fascism through joint efforts in the name of humanity’s future”. The document reads: “We, participants of the 2nd International Anti-Fascist Congress, state that today humanity once again has to face the revival of the most inhumane and barbarous ideologies and practices, an attempt at revenge by the most destructive forces in the world. The ideas of fascism and its extreme aggressive form – Nazism – are finding new followers in many countries across the world, primarily in Western countries and the United States of America. Serving interests of the world financial oligarchy, modern Western political elites act to the detriment of national interests of the peoples, impose a system of global dictatorship. By doing so, they seek to destroy the humanistic culture of the whole world.”

The resolution also notes that neo-fascism and neo-Nazism are becoming extremely sophisticated and take shape in the format of neoliberalism. The modern edifice of American progressivism called liberalism actually rests on the foundation of fascism and is a manifestation of fascism. Neo-fascism in the USA’s foreign policy disguises the aspiration for world domination as the fight for democracy, human rights and protection of U.S. national interests in all countries of the world. As a result, the world evil in the guise of Western democracies, which have stained themselves with aggression against Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, and a number of other countries, embodies a global system of plundering of entire countries and peoples.

“To get the final revenge and break down the system of international security established as a result of the Great Victory of 1945, Western pseudo-democracies have already rewritten the history of World War Two and the Great Patriotic War [of 1941-1945]. They have adopted resolutions that hold the USSR responsible for unleashing the war. The West glorifies Nazi criminals and their henchmen, initiates the demolition of monuments to Soviet soldiers-liberators in European countries,” the resolution reads.

Belarusian Defense Minister Viktor Khrenin

State Secretary of the Security Council of Belarus Aleksandr Volfovich

All of it is accompanied by the intensification of military preparations in the world and Europe, trends to change the balance of power near the borders of Belarus, militarization of neighboring countries, which has already created preconditions for the disruption of strategic stability in Eastern Europe. Humanity is sliding into the abyss of a world war. One comes to understand it most acutely in the sacred land of Belarus, which sacrificed the most in the fight against fascism during the Great Patriotic War.

The 2nd International Anti-Fascist Congress notes the urgent need for collective efforts of the majority of states and peoples to fight neo-fascism. The congress calls on the international community and, first of all, the United Nations Organization for a comprehensive and objective assessment of the current events in the countries where fascist ideology is being revived. Representatives of political parties, public organizations and movements should unite in a single international anti-fascist front for the sake of all present and future generations on the planet. Representatives of mass media media should truthfully and objectively report on events that are taking place in the world and unequivocally condemn any manifestations of fascism, Nazism, and chauvinism.

In addition, those, who falsify the history of wars, and Western politicians, who make decisions to revise the lessons taught by the Great Patriotic War and World War Two, should be exposed with unflinching steadiness. International and national laws should be improved to guarantee the punishment of fascist criminals and prevent the rehabilitation of fascism. Efforts to establish an international tribunal to prosecute Ukraine’s neo-Nazi war criminals and political criminals should be facilitated. It is equally important to identify and put into public circulation documents about the crimes of fascism and the struggle against it by progressive forces.

“Let us unite in this holy fight in the name of a worthy future of humanity! Let us prevent the outbreak of World War Three,” the appeal concludes the text of the resolution.

The 2nd International Anti-Fascist Congress begins work on Friday, August, 18, TASS reports. The large-scale forum, which is held under the ”For the sake of the future of mankind, we will stop neo-fascism by joint efforts” motto, has opened in the Belarusian capital. Its participants are guests from 30 countries.

The participants of the forum are united by the idea of preventing the spread of the ideology of fascism and Nazism. Another important topic will be the fight against attempts to rewrite the history of the 2nd World War. In addition, the participants will discuss the role of the authorities, science, and religion in the fight against neo-fascism.

Among the participants are the delegation of defense departments, diplomats, government officials, public and religious figures, scientists and veterans.

The forum will end with the adoption of a resolution. The congress participants will also visit Khatyn, where they will plant a memorial tree in honor of the victims of fascism.

Last year, the congress was held at the site of the Patriot Center in the Moscow region. 

The work of the congress was aimed at countering the falsification of history, upholding the truth about the contribution of the USSR to the defeat of Nazism during the Second World War, and also at combating the spread of Nazi ideology.

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