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APIC Calls for an International Ban on Uranium Weapons

Statement from the American Peace Information Center (APIC)

In light of the May 13 explosion of uranium weapons at the ammunition depot near Khmelnitsky, western Ukraine, the American Peace Information Center (APIC) issues the following statement:

Call for an international ban on deployment and use of uranium weapons.

Uranium weapons are battlefield nuclear weapons, developed originally to penetrate Soviet tank armor. The United Kingdom has sent uranium weapons to the fascist Kiev regime under the pretense of strengthening it militarily. But British scientists have shown that the use of uranium weapons in Iraq and Serbia has had devastating effects on human health and makes soldiers terribly ill.

Dr. Chris Busby, a physical chemist who has worked for the UK government’s uranium committee, told the media group Sputnik that “this substance [uranium] contaminates Europe and will cause all of the effects that it caused in Iraq…It will cause all those effects in Germany, and Luxemburg, and France, and Sweden, and the Baltic States and a long list of countries which stand between Ukraine and the United Kingdom, where we measured it.”1

Those effects include frightful birth abnormalities and cancers that have been experienced by the people of Fallujah, Iraq, since 2003, including “babies born with only one eye; babies born with missing limbs or too many limbs; a higher than normal incidence of babies with brain damage or tumors; cardiac defects; and missing genitalia,” wrote Sputnik. The fact that the UK knows that uranium weapons produce these effects suggests that they are deploying the weapons to weaken continental Europe so Britain can dominate it yet again.

Fifteen percent of children born in Fallujah, Iraq from 2003 to 2009 exhibit horrible birth abnormalities as a result of their parents absorbing uranium into their bodies during the American invasion. When uranium shells explode on a target, the uranium vaporizes into dust, which is inhaled by people in the vicinity. That is how it gets into the body. A European laboratory has confirmed that the mothers of babies suffering from birth abnormalities had absorbed high doses of uranium.

The uranium is toxic. It binds to DNA. Then gamma rays absorbed by the mothers and alpha- and beta-particles emitted by the uranium interact with the uranium and the DNA, resulting in birth abnormalities as shown in the photo of the baby with its intestines outside its body.1 The Veterans Administration admits that soldiers in Iraq, Bosnia and elsewhere were exposed to dangerous substances and now has a uranium exposure testing program.2

The Irish Times asks: “How can one explain that children of Gulf War veterans suffer the same birth defects as Iraqi children born in zones contaminated by DU?3 The US Environmental Protection Agency also warns of the danger of uranium weapons.

The uranium exposure also causes cancer. “We analyzed the cancer data that we got over the five years [from 2005 to 2009 in Iraq] by comparing it with cancer rates in Egypt and in Jordan as a sort of background. We found that the levels of cancer were enormously high, for all cancers, the rates were extraordinarily high and even higher than in Hiroshima… …And what we found was that the levels of cancer in Fallujah were higher than that, leukemia in children, and also lymphoma in children,” said Dr. Chris Busby, as reported by Sputnik.

The European Parliament has repeatedly passed resolutions requesting an immediate moratorium on the further use of depleted uranium ammunition, but France and Britain – the only European states that are permanent members of the United Nations Security Council—have consistently rejected calls for a ban.

APIC calls for the European Parliament and the United Nations to ban the use of uranium weapons.


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