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Delegate from the Party of Communists USA visits Nicaragua to strengthen ties

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MANAGUA – NICARAGUA / From January 11 to 15, 2024, we received a visit from the Secretary of International Relations of the Party of Communists USA, Comrade Christopher Helali, Member of the Coordinating Committee of the United National Coalition against War (UNAC), who held meetings with Comrades from MINSA; MEFCCA; MINED; INATEC; MINJUVE; Managua Mayor’s Office and “Bismarck Martínez” Housing Program.

During Comrade Chris Helali’s visit to the Vélez Paiz Hospital, Doctor Martha Reyes, Minister of Health, conveyed the welcome to Nicaragua and shared about the Policies promoted by the Nicaraguan Government, for the restitution of the Right to Health to Nicaraguan Families; a tour was taken of the Hospital facilities.


During Comrade Chris Helali’s visit to the MEFCCA, Ministers Compañera Justa Pérez and Vice Minister Compañero Benito Aragón presented the Strategies for the Development and Strengthening of the Family and Community Economy throughout the country, as part of the political will of Nicaraguan Government.

In the meeting with the MINED and INATEC, Comrade Salvador Vanegas, Minister Advisor; Comrade Mendy Aráuz, Minister of Education; and Comrade Loyda Barreda, Executive Director of INATEC announced the Achievements achieved by Nicaraguan Revolution for the restitution of the Right to Education at all levels and modalities, for the Nicaraguan People, as well as the Strategies to promote Technical Careers to Nacional level.

During Comrade Chris Helali’s visit to the Ministry of Youth, the Minister Comrade Lucien Guevara, the Vice Minister, Comrade Oscar Pérez and the General Secretary, Comrade Darling Hernández presented the work of the Cultural, Social, Sports, Environmental, Communication Movements and the Solidarity Promotion, which was carried out with the Nicaraguan Youth.


During Comrade Chris Helali’s visit to the Managua Mayor’s Office and tour of the Bismarck Martínez Housing Program, in Villa Jerusalem, Comrade Fidel Moreno, Secretary of Organization of the FSLN and Secretary General of the Managua Mayor’s Office, Mayor Reyna Rueda and Vice Mayor Enrique Armas shared information about the Infrastructure and Social Development Projects in Managua, which are part of the National Plan to Fight Poverty and Human Development of the Nicaraguan Government.

Comrade Christopher Helali thanked the warm welcome. He stated that he was very happy to be able to visit Nicaragua and expressed that everything that Nicaraguan Government and Nicaraguan Revolution has built is impressive and fascinating. Finally, he expressed all his affection for Nicaraguan People and Government, and that he will continue working to strengthen Solidarity with Nicaragua.

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