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“DFLP” To Netanyahu : Occupation and settlement are the real terrorism

■ The Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine commented on the statements of the head of the fascist trio government in Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, and said: The occupation and settlement are the real terrorism practiced by the Israeli occupation forces in daily aggressive acts, which are condemned by international laws, the human rights bill, and all international legitimacy resolutions, which recognizes that the Palestinian West Bank, with Jerusalem in its heart, is an occupied Palestinian land, from which the occupation forces must withdraw, settlements must be dismantled, and settlers leave, so that the usurped lands return to their rightful owners.

The Democratic Front added: “Netanyahu must stop sycophancy, deny reality, and, on the other hand, acknowledge the bright truth, which is that what is happening in the Palestinian West Bank is a comprehensive popular resistance to our Palestinian people, with all its groups, currents, and political and societal forces, and that any attempt to evade this reality, as other descriptions, is nothing but an attempt to cover up the failure of the occupation to translate the threats of Netanyahu and his fascist partners, in uprooting the resistance, and suppressing our people’s awareness of their inalienable right to freedom and independence in a state that extends over the occupied territory, within the borders of June 4, 1967, and its capital. Jerusalem, and resolving the issue of refugees in accordance with UN Resolution 194, which guarantees them the right to return to their homes and properties from which they have been displaced and usurped from them since 1948.

The Democratic Front reaffirmed that the right of our people to resist occupation and settlement, and all its related aggressive manifestations, is a right guaranteed by international legitimacy to choose the methods it deems appropriate to exercise this resistance, in a way that provides an effective response to the criminal acts of the occupation and its settlers.

The Democratic Front concluded by calling on Netanyahu and his partners to get off the tree of coma that he is trying to cling to, and to re-read the content of the conflict in the region, especially the steadfastness and steadfastness of our people against the Zionist project, and to work from now on to pack his bags and leave our occupied Palestinian land, and without this step, our people’s resistance will remain the title of the daily relationship with occupation and settlement

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