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Festival of Friendship and Labor – Soviet Film Archive

The Soviet Film Project presents a documentary on the Festival of Friendship and Labor of Socialist Countries. The event was celebrated on the occasion of the construction of the Druzhba “Friendship” Pipeline in the Soviet Union. To this day, the Druzhba pipeline is the longest oil pipeline in Europe, stretching from the Urals in Russia to the Eastern border of Germany. The Festival commemorated the friendship and internationalism among Socialist peoples which made life-changing projects such as these possible in the time of the Soviet Union.

On the Soviet Film Project:
At the end of 2008, various comrades regained possession of a cache of films that used to be the film library of the Berkeley, CA branch of the Soviet-American Friendship Society. The collection consists of about 300 films on a variety of topics. They are in Russian with English subtitles, and represent the Soviet Union speaking of itself, in its own voice.

The U. S. Friends of the Soviet People (USFSP) agreed to take possession of these films in 2009, and raise the funds and perform the work to digitize the collection, and to distribute its contents both via recorded media (like DVDs) and via the Internet.

Today, with the funds we have raised, we have finally been able to begin publishing these digitized films. If you would like to support us in continuing to digitize more films, please make a donation to USFSP at .

We do this not to profit from the work, but to preserve the memory of the USSR and its many achievements, and to pass that memory on to future generations.

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