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Kakhovka Dam Collapse is Only Second Nord Stream Case: Int’l Affairs Analyst of DPRK

Pyongyang, June 9 (KCNA) — O Song Jin, a researcher at the Institute of International Studies of the DPRK, issued the following article titled “The collapse of the Kakhovka dam is only the second Nord Stream case” on Friday:

The dam of the Kakhovka Hydroelectric Power Plant on the lower River Dnipro in Ukraine collapsed on June 6, sparking off great uneasiness and concern of the international community.

More than half of the floodgates of the dam of the Kakhovka Hydroelectric Power Plant were severely damaged and a large amount of water in the reservoir was discharged, resulting in over 10 meters rise in the water level of the River Dnipro, inundating thousands of houses and causing over 20 000 flood victims.

The international community is expressing serious concern, saying that the principal dam, which had been used to supply drinking and irrigational water to one of the three main granaries of the world, was destroyed to cause serious humanitarian and ecological environment damage and that it might trigger the worldwide increase of grain prices.

At the time when the whole world is concerned about human and material losses caused by the dam’s collapse, Ukraine and the U.S. and other Western countries are basely moving to shift all responsibilities onto Russia.

The Zelenskiy authorities are trying to shift the blame for the collapse of the Kakhovka dam onto Russia, claiming that Russia exploded the dam from its inside. And the U.S. and Western media are spreading the absurd rumor that the recent incident was a deliberate destruction by Russia aimed at checking the Ukrainian army’s counterattack expected in the southern region.

But the awl in the sack can never be hidden.

Zelenskiy, who likes to bluff, said that the collapse of the dam would have no effect on Ukraine’s efforts for restoring its territory, only to self-deny the assertion that Russia had destroyed the dam to prevent the advance of the Ukrainian troops.

As for the Ukrainian army’s counterattack the Kiev clique is loudly talking about, it is not so great for Russia to take such clumsy measures as destroying the dam in its hands.

Although the Ukrainian army launched a large-scale ground attack some days ago, it is only losing thousands of troops, tens of tanks, armored cars and many other weapons and equipment every day, far from breaking through the Russian armed forces’ defense line.

This shows that the counteroffensive operations of the Zelenskiy clique, which had been allegedly prepared for a long time under the military support of the United States and the West, are being frustrated before the impregnable defence line of the heroic Russian army.

Under such circumstances, the assertion of the Kiev authorities and the West that Russia is trying to inundate by itself the areas of the powerful defense zone built with much effort and greet the Ukrainian army’s counterattack cannot be viewed otherwise than invalid sophism.

On the other hand, taking into account the fact that the explosion of the dam caused the paralysis of Russia’s drinking water supply system for the Republic of Crimea and inflicted huge material damage on the peaceable residents in the region that was newly integrated into Russia, the Zelenskiy authorities are fully motivated to commit such hideous crimes with the connivance of the U.S.

It is not fortuitous that on the day when the dam of the Kakhovka Hydroelectric Power Plant collapsed, The Washington Post reported that CIA had known about the plan of the Ukrainian special operation group to blow up gas pipelines three months before the underwater explosion of a “Nord Stream” gas pipeline in the Baltic Sea last year, the cause of which has not yet been clarified.

This is undeniable evidence proving the international community’s view that the U.S. and Ukraine were behind the case of the explosion of the “Nord Stream” gas pipeline which had been used to supply Russian natural gas to Western Europe.

It is self-evident who is vitally interested in the recent humanitarian disaster, in the light of the sinister intention of Ukraine making desperate efforts to accuse Russia of war crimes by employing all means and methods and of the intention of Russia adjusting the intensity of its military operations to prevent damage to peaceable residents as much as possible.

The case of the collapsed Kakhovka dam is, after all, nothing but another farce and the second “Nord Stream” case cooked up by the U.S. and Ukraine in cahoots to shift the blame for humanitarian disaster onto Russia and create a political and military environment favorable for the so-called counteroffensive operation of Ukraine.

All facts go to prove once again before the world that the Zelenskiy clique is the horde of hooligans who unhesitatingly sacrifice the lives of innocent peaceable residents to prolong their political remaining days.

So, it doesn’t matter to say that the responsibility for all the sudden cases that would occur in relation with the Ukrainian situation in the future rests, in any case, with the Ukrainian authorities and the U.S. controlling them.

No matter how hard the U.S. and the Zelenskiy authorities try to confuse right and wrong, their trick can never blind the stern eyes of the international community.

The unethical crimes of the U.S. and the Kiev authorities that caused a grave humanitarian disaster to gratify their unjust interests should be certainly punished by justice.

The Zelenskiy clique, which has driven the destiny of the country and nation into the mire of war with the backing of foreign forces, is bound to meet doom in “Noah’s flood”. -0- (Juche112.6.9.)

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