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LLL march in Berlin, Germany

The Communist Leader İbrahim Kaypakkaya Commemoration Campaign on the 50th Anniversary of his murder was launched at the Berlin LLL action.

Murdered on 15 January 1919 by the monopoly bourgeois state of Germany

Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht, leaders of the German Revolution, and Lenin, one of the immortal masters of the proletariat, who also died in January, were commemorated with a march attended by tens of thousands of people in Berlin on Sunday 15 January.

German revolutionary democratic organisations participated in the march. Turkish and Kurdish organisations Partizan and Class Theory took part in the march. The march started at 9.30 am at Frankfurter Tor in Berlin.

In the joint statement made on behalf of Partizan and Class Theory “The slogan “Either Barbarism or Socialism”, which Rosa Luxemburg shouted years ago, remains up-to-date. Today, contradictions between imperialist bandits are deepening around the world.”

Ibrahim Kaypakkaya Commemorated in the March

Partizan and Class Theory condemned the murder of İbrahim Kaypakkaya, the founder of TKP-ML, 50 years ago by the Turkish state under torture. Partizan and Class Theory; announced that they have launched a campaign describing Kaypakkaya’s life, struggle and world view

In his speech at Kommunistischer Aufbau, one of the German revolutionary organisations, he said that the reason for the murder of Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht was the same as the reason for the murder of İbrahim Kaypakkaya, that the communist thought and putting this thought into practice was unacceptable for the enemies of the working class and that is why they were murdered. The speech was concluded with the words “let’s grow international solidarity, long live international solidarity”.

MLPD General Secretary Gabi Fechtner emphasised in his speech the importance and joy of being on the same platform with the successors of Kaypakkaya and stressed that today more than ever there is a need for common struggle.

At the end of the demonstration, which lasted about 3 hours, the crowd symbolically left carnations in front of the monument and ended the demonstration with applause and slogans.

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