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New Outlook Publishers Sees Great Success at Pride in Seattle

June 25th, 2023, New Outlook Publishers

Seattle Pride throws a massive parade every June for pride month. People from all walks of life come enjoy live performances, eat hot food and celebrate the long American history of resistance against repression of LGBT+ people. Tens of thousands take to the streets to proclaim their support for the dignity and human rights of sexual and gender minorities.

In attendance was the usual collection of companies looking to prove how progressive they are by coloring their logos rainbow for the month. The crowds were unimpressed by this pandering, the terms “rainbow capitalism” and “corporate pride” we heard many times our comrades in attendance.

Not all the organizations at this event were bourgeois co-opters, however. Most LGBT+ people belong to the working class, and their representatives were indeed present. New Outlook Publishers tabled the event, looking to spread proletarian propaganda and were met with enthusiasm. Proudly displaying the works of Marx, Lenin, Stalin and countless other comrades to thousands of onlookers is impressive enough, but we were blown away by the positive reception. Perhaps the Seattle’s LGBT+ Community and their allies are more advanced in their class consciousness than we thought. This was without a doubt our most successful tabling in the Seattle region to date. On this day we not only ran out of brochures, but sold a great deal of books. One passerby thanked us for combating the corporatization of pride. Others were impressed to see us not only sell, but publish our own books. A family stopped by to purchase a ten dollar book, but they only had a twenty dollar bill, to this their child demanded they simply buy two!

To finish this great day, we could see no better way than to stop by for a photo with the statue of Lenin in Freemont. It is a small miracle that this statue can exist in the United States, ironically this is only possible because it is private property. We will always defend this symbol of the proletarian hero Lenin and always draw inspiration from the man who it represents.

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