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Pelé at Vladimir Lenin Central Stadium

By Fabio K. from Brazil

The only possible king has left us, legendary Pelé. Ultimate symbol of Brazilian and world football!

I remember this historic photo of Pelé in 1965 in the friendly against the Soviet Union in Moscow. The Lujniki Stadium (in the Soviet period known as Vladimir Lenin Central Stadium) counted 102,000 privileged people, for the big show. The game was 3-0 for the season, two world championship canaries. However, the Soviets were little bothered by the defeat, the fact that they saw Pelé in Moscow, was what everyone actually wanted.

In the photo only cracks! Following the order from left to right:

Georgi Sinchava, Slava Metreveli, Pelé, Anzor Kavazashvili e Mihail Meshi.

They were athletes from Soviet Georgia, serving the Soviet team admiring Pelé after the game. There are reports that Pelé laughingly asked who he would hand over the Brazilian national team shirt to in exchange. As players always do, as a form of respect to the opponent. This Soviet generation was led by the greatest goalkeeper in history, Lev Yashin. Who would also have the honor of playing against Pelé, but it would be here in Brazil, in the historic Maracanã. In November of the same year 1965 and a game that would have Pelé and Yashin, how would it be? Of course an historic 2-2 draw.

And as today is also the centenary of the creation of the Soviet Union, nothing better than two topics in one post! Thank you for everything Pelé! Proud to be born in the same country as you, ultimate symbol of world football.

Happy holidays, comrades! Happy Birthday to the USSR!

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