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Peoples LGBT+ United Society – Statement for Pride 2024

The Peoples LGBT+ United Society wishes our LGBT+ brothers, sisters, and siblings a happy and motivating Pride Month this June. This is our first Pride since our founding in mid-2023, and we will attend and report on various Pride events across the country. This month also marks the 55th Anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising.

Since our founding, we’ve rapidly begun our work and are ready to engage with other organizations. We published our PLUS brochure and the first edition of our publication, Stonewall Lives! Bulletin. Our Board of Directors met in person in April, and we are building connections with LGBT+ and allied progressive organizations.

This Pride Month comes amid immense repression. In 2024, 40 anti-trans bills have passed through state legislatures, particularly in Texas, Tennessee, and Florida. Last year, ~320 LGBT+ people were killed in anti-LGBT hate crimes. In February, 16-year-old non-binary student Nex Benedict was bullied and beaten, leading to their tragic death by suicide. We mourn Nex, and their story reminds us of the grim, hateful landscape so many of us are forced to live in, where we are bullied, beaten and killed for being different.

We also are not ignorant towards events taking place internationally, especially the ongoing suffering of the Palestinian people. We don’t know how many of the over 40,000 murdered Palestinians are LGBT+, but we know that the Israeli-led genocide can not be good in any way for the LGBT+ community in any of occupied Palestine We call for an immediate ceasefire and oppose attempts to pinkwash conflicts or weaponize LGBT+ oppression for geopolitical agendas.

We look forward to a year of struggle and solidarity, building our organization and relationships with others. Unity is Power! LGBT+ Solidarity in the Working Class!

PLUS Board of Directors

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