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Plume of Radioactivity Spreading Across Europe 

Plume of radioactivity spreading across Europe 

By Dr. Robert Daly, American Peace Information Center 

A cloud, technically called a “plume,” of radioactivity has been measured passing northwest over Poland towards Warsaw and Berlin, reported Dr. Christopher Busby, scientific secretary of the European Committee on Radiation Risk on RT May 17. The plume originates from the enormous explosion of British uranium weapons that occurred in Khmelnitsky, western Ukraine May 13, and was reported on multiple Telegram channels. The Khmelnitsky, ammunition depot, hit by a Russian missile, is being cleaned up by robots and physicians treating people in hospitals are wearing hazmat suits. Dr. Busby warns that people who inhale the uranium dust that is in the cloud will eventually suffer from cancers and babies subsequently born may have birth abnormalities as occurred in Fallujah, Iraq after the US Marine attack on that town. This is because the uranium binds very strongly to DNA and “will cause genetic damage,” says Busby. The British government is aware of these consequences of the use of uranium weapons and is “morally bankrupt” for sending them to Ukraine, added Busby. It is radioactive Bismuth that was detected by the EU detectors on the Polish border on May 15 before they were shut down, but the bismuth, Dr. Busby says, is a “flag” for radioactive uranium dust in the atmosphere. Already at the beginning of the Ukraine war, uranium particles that had traveled through the atmosphere from detonation of uranium weapons in Ukraine were measured in England, said Busby, and uranium weapons exploded in Iraq in 2003 sent uranium dust 2000 miles to England also. “My acquaintances from Ukraine say that people in western Ukraine are panicking. They are moving away from Khmelnytskyi, Lvov and Ternopol,” reported a source on Twitter. 

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