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Police’s Silencing of Hadash Is an Alarming Phase in the Erosion of Democracy

Originally published by Maki, The Communist Party of Israel –

“Police’s silencing of Arab-Jewish Hadash front is an alarming phase in the erosion of Israeli democracy,” according today’s (Dec. 10) Haaretz editorial. “The attempt by the Israel Police to prevent a conference by the left-wing Arab and Jewish Hadash front scheduled for next Saturday in Shfaram shows that under the cover of the war, the ‘temporary’ violation of basic rights threatens to become permanent. Israeli Police are trying to prevent a Hadash national convention scheduled for Saturday, December 16, claiming that it would feature ‘inciting speeches that would endanger the public’s well-being.’”

Amid protests, the cops are still threatening facility owner in the city of Shefa-Amr (Shfaram) in northern Israel where the event was to be held. Hadash Secretary General, Amjad Shbita, says agenda to include planning “for political action against the continuation of the war in Gaza and against political persecution by far-right government.”

Using similar threats against a hall’s owners, the police succeeded in preventing an Arab-Jewish public meeting against the war in Gaza, which had to take place on October 26 in Haifa at the invitation of the High Follow Up Committee, the united leadership of the Arab-Palestinian national minority in Israel.

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