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Popular Socialist Party of Mexico Statement on the 70th Anniversary of the Assault on the Moncada Barracks (English Translation)

Fraternal Greetings to the Brother Cuban People, to its Revolutionary Government and to the Communist Party of Cuba on the 70th Anniversary of the Assault on the Moncada y Carlos Manuel de Cespedes Barracks

The Popular Socialist Party of Mexico greets with fraternal affection the Cuban people, their revolutionary government and their vanguard party, the brother Communist Party of Cuba, for the 70th Anniversary of the beginning of their revolutionary struggle with the assault on the Moncada y Carlos Manuel de Cespedes Barracks on July 26, 1953.

Those heroic acts were not only confrontations against two quarters of the Fulgencio Batista dictatorship, but against the entire system that the tyranny represented, including, of course, the economic subjugation of Cuba by Yankee imperialism. From Moncada was born the program to eradicate the evils of the Cuban nation, and build a new homeland, likewise the path was traced to achieve that objective.

After the revolutionary triumph of the July 26 Movement, on January 1, 1959, Cuba was subjected to an aggressive, brutal, and genocidal policy by the United States government, including the criminal economic, commercial, and financial blockade, with coercive, perverse, and genocidal sanctions contrary to all the principles that regulate international relations.

Faced with this, for more than 60 years Cuba has resisted, representing an example of struggle, resistance, and dignity for the peoples of the world, because despite the restrictions imposed on trade and finance, which severely limit their ability to develop in all respects, Cuba has found a way to stand firm in its convictions.

On the 70th anniversary of the assault on the Moncada barracks, the Popular Socialist Party of Mexico expresses its fraternal solidarity with the Cuban people and sends warm congratulations for this great celebration.

We strongly condemn the implementation of unilateral measures by the Yankee empire such as those of political and economic coercion that seek to create chaos, suffering and ungovernability on the Island, and that attempt against the self-determination of peoples, the full enjoyment of human rights, independence, and sovereignty.

We demand the end of the genocidal economic, commercial, and financial blockade that North American imperialism has imposed against the sister Republic of Cuba, which once again shows that it is blocked but not defeated.

Likewise, we endorse our solidarity with the brother Cuban people and their Revolution, which continue to be a beacon of the struggle for our peoples.

We close fraternally and in solidarity with the combative Communist Party of Cuba, which remains firm and unbeatable in the face of the aggressions of the northern empire.

Long live the glorious Cuban Revolution!

Long live the anti-imperialist unity of all the peoples of the Great Homeland!

Long live Cuba! Long live Mexico!

Mexico, July 2023

“For National Liberation and Socialism”


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