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PSMLS Classics: Stalin’s Legacy and Merits by Ludo Martens

Back in late 2022, the Peoples School for Marxist-Leninist Studies (PSMLS) YouTube channel and other social media was hijacked by a group of wreckers that were attempting to take the Peoples School away from the Party. The PSMLS has been and will continue to be sponsored by the Party of Communists USA. After these actions, the Party initiated a legal case against these wreckers, which we have now won. With that, we have regained control of our old YouTube channel. We will post content on both our YouTube channels for now, and we encourage all of our followers to follow both channels.

To commemorate the return of the original PSMLS YouTube channel, we have included a link here to our classic recording of “Stalin’s Legacy and Merits” by Ludo Martens.

Original YouTube channel:
Other YouTube channel:

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