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RCWP: Agreement with Greek Comrades

EDITOR’S NOTE: We continue to publish theoretical materials as part of a discussion with comrades from the Greek Communist Party, which flared up against the backdrop of recent events in Donbass. However, unfortunately, our Greek comrades are increasingly resorting to a policy of “double standards”. Thus, in an effort to somehow “pinch” the RCRP, they began to publish very dubious “minority letters”, passing them off as the positions of entire organizations. At the same time, refusing to publish on the site Solidet materials from really communist organizations. Such was the case with the response to the “SKU letter”. This happened this time with the following material of the International Department of the Central Committee of the RCRP. True, in refusing to publish the materials of our party, the Greek comrades began to resort even to some “merchant” arguments, pedaling the theme that they bear the main burden of maintaining the work of the Solidet website, not only organizational, but also financial.
We bring to your attention the response of the International Department of the Central Committee of the RCRP and ask for help in its dissemination, since the comrades from the KPD themselves are increasingly turning on the censorship regime.

Our theoretical discussion with comrades from the KPD has been going on for a long time and many parties, if not definitely taking sides, are no longer guided by blindly ready-made formulas of the last century, but are trying to understand the situation themselves, as evidenced by the change in the balance of positions from February 2022. and the signing of alternative statements made in Havana on a number of points ( Solidnet | 22nd IMCWP, The Struggle Against USA and NATO Imperialism which Seek World Hegemony is the Key Task of the Progressive Forces and | Solidnet 22nd IICVP, RESOLUTION on imperialist war on the territory of Ukraine )

On December 16, our Greek comrades represented by the International Department of the Central Committee (MO) spoke on the website of Solidnet | CP of Greece, Every party is assessed by its participation in the class struggle

We fully agree with this formulation of the question, with one clarification – it is necessary to judge not by words and declarations, but by the real impact on the situation, in this case on the ongoing war and living fascism, the existence of which today few doubt.

Responding to the first reproach of the Ministry of Defense that the leadership of the RCRP treats the discussion on Solidnet without due responsibility, allows the use of labels and distortion of the positions of other parties, we categorically reject this unfounded statement. We also reject the accusation by the KPD that the leadership of the RCPR allegedly sided with the bourgeoisie and the Russian bourgeois state. This is precisely a distortion of the position of our party, which clearly and unequivocally stated that the cause of the war is the accomplished counter-revolution and the guilt of the Russian bourgeoisie in bringing affairs to the point of pitting Ukraine and Russia against each other is undoubted. But we emphasize that the truth and directly expressed opinion are not offended. In politics, the fact is an argument, and the comrades from the KPD use their position as the leading site, and not only to carry out some censorship, but also to directly support those former members of the party whom we have identified as provocateurs and traitors who have embarked on the path of fighting the RCRP.

Secondly, once again the Greek comrades repeat that the war cannot be justified by borrowing the pretext of “anti-fascist” struggle, which is used by the Putin administration. We have to answer that we do not borrow this pretext. Since 2014, we have determined that we are dealing with a living real fascism, which recognizes itself as the heir of Hitler’s associates (Bandera and Shukhevych, the current heroes of Ukraine). Who burned people alive in Odessa, who for eight years killed people in the Donbass, which today promises all Moskals and Rusnya to raise “knives”. What to do with them? Since 2014, we have not only allowed, but demanded more help from the authorities of bourgeois Russia (political, military, economic), realizing that the Donbass itself alone could not resist, that behind Kiev are the United States and NATO, which, as Frau Merkel frankly admitted, did not intend to help establish peace. Are you proposing an end to the war against fascism because of the reactionary nature of the Russian bourgeoisie? And we believe, as Comrade Stalin advised, that any methods and all possible allies are suitable for the fight against fascism. On the contrary, those who do not see the difference between the anti-fascist struggle of the proletarian strata of Russia and the protection of “their” sovereignty by the fascist regime of Ukraine, calling the liberation of the people of Ukraine from the oppression of the Nazis an “unacceptable invasion”, they embark on the path of betrayal of people’s interests, and even under a far-fetched justification for their alleged protection.

Third, comrades remind us that the KPD is at the forefront of the class struggle against big capital, against bourgeois governments and parties, against imperialist alliances, for the interests and rights of the working class. It is waging a long-term fierce struggle against US imperialism, NATO and the EU on a daily basis, and this struggle is growing.

We are sincerely grateful to the Greek comrades and recognize their contribution to the common struggle against imperialism, but let me note that today, when comrades from the KPD are holding anti-war marches in Athens from the Russian Embassy to the US Embassy, our comrades in the Donbas are engaged in propaganda and educational work with the Nazis with weapons in their hands. Members of the Workers’ Front of Donbass, the Communist Workers’ Organization of the LPR, and now members of the RCRP and members of the Central Committee, proceed from the considerations of our general assessment made at the end of 2021. “Fascism is not cured” (Solidnet Russian CWP, fascism cannot be healed!). It turns out that while you are fighting with political actions against US imperialism and NATO, your government not only politically supports the fascists, but also supplies them with weapons. That is, he is practically fighting on the side of the fascists. Of course, the only way to end fascism forever is to end imperialism. But it needs to be confronted here and now. If you report when you overthrow the pro-fascist regime of the United States or at least the reactionary government of Greece, then we will undoubtedly take this moment into account, but for now we will fight with the forces that we have.

Finally, comrades claim that the KPD waged a merciless struggle against fascism, which is generated by the exploitative system and used as a reserve against the workers’ popular struggle. And it has repeatedly pointed out that the condemnation and isolation of fascists is a matter of organized and common struggle of the peoples. And whoever shifts this responsibility to the bourgeoisie and its state is misleading the peoples.

However, let me note that since the comrades of the KPD deny the very scientific definition of fascism given by the Comintern, and did not give their own, your indignation against fascists like the Golden Dawn is more of a scolding than stems from an analysis of the modern nature of imperialism. Therefore, you do not notice the fascisation of the aggressive foreign policy of the United States and NATO, and therefore, you will stumble on the organization of a common struggle of peoples, primarily European ones. This means that, whether you like it or not, you will weave in the tail of the policy of imperialist circles, restrain the overthrow of the exploitative system, interfering with the anti-fascist struggle of the Armed Forces of Russia and the proletariat of Donbass, and its subsequent escalation into the struggle for socialism.

You are right that each party is judged by its participation in the class struggle, by its position towards the bourgeoisie and the bourgeois state, by imperialist alliances and imperialist war. In these cases, the revolutionary line is tested and the party dissociates itself from opportunism, not in words. But in fact, it turns out that the fight against fascism is somehow separate from the accusatory propaganda activities of the KPD. We call this position, we apologize for being direct, modern opportunism.

Indeed, there is no need to mislead nations.

International Department of the Central Committee of the RCRP

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