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Resolution on Srebrenica is Demonization of the Serbian People

The New Communist Party of Yugoslavia (NKPJ) strongly condemns the draft resolution on Srebrenica adopted by the United Nations General Assembly, which Germany proposed to shift the burden of objective responsibility for the heinous crime committed in that area from the Western imperialist countries onto the shoulders of the freedom-loving Serbian people.

The fact that on the occasion of adopting such a decision, more countries were against its adoption or abstained than those that voted for it clearly shows that many countries in the world reject the hypocrisy of Western countries. 

By pushing for this resolution, Western imperialism tends to quarrel the fraternal Yugoslav peoples further, in this case, Bosniak and Serbian, incite them against each other, create instability, and encourage national-chauvinism to be able to justify the continued presence of NATO in the territory of the former Yugoslavia.

An additional reason for the adoption of this resolution is the further demonization of the Serbian people as a form of pressure on Belgrade to recognize the “independence” of Kosovo, as well as to introduce unfair sanctions against brotherly Russia.

The intrigues of the imperialist power centers in Washington, London, Berlin, and Brussels and their objective guilt for the bloodshed in our region cannot in any way be an excuse for the monstrous crime in Srebrenica. Those who committed it are bastards and a shame for the Serbian people, and the only thing they deserve is the most profound contempt and disgust.

The vote in the General Assembly of the United Nations clearly shows that Serbia’s real friends are socialist countries like China, Cuba, and the DPR of Korea, as well as anti-imperialist countries like Belarus, Nicaragua, and Syria. On the other hand, it was clear that the Western imperialist countries were not Serbia’s friends, no matter how much the bourgeois government was assuring us otherwise.

Although the United States of America, the European Union (primarily Germany), and NATO are leading an anti-Serbian campaign, the pro-imperialist bourgeois authorities in Belgrade shamelessly and stubbornly continue to insist on Serbia’s entry into the European Union and furthering cooperation with NATO.

To preserve its independence and territorial integrity, Serbia must immediately stop the retrograde process of joining the European Union and NATO and instead maintain intensive contacts with its true friends, the socialist countries (China, Cuba, DPRK, Vietnam, and Laos), anti-imperialist states (Nicaragua, Syria, Belarus, Venezuela, and Bolivia), fraternal Russia and to join the BRICS economic alliance.

Secretariat of the New Communist Party of Yugoslavia

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