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Statements from the League of Young Communists USA and American Student Union – Support Freedom for Kononovich Brothers (Komsomol of Ukraine)

American Student Union National Committee Statement Supporting the Freedom of the Kononovich Brothers in Ukraine

We, as Americans, openly and proudly support the freedom of the Kononovich brothers in Ukraine and denounce the unjust treatment they have endured. The arrest and imprisonment of Alexei and Ivan Kononovich reek of political motivation aimed at silencing dissent and trampling on the principles of democracy and human rights.

We demand that the Ukrainian government provide the Kononovich brothers with an immediate and transparent legal process. They must be granted access to legal representation, a fair trial, and protection from intimidation. The Ukrainian authorities must recognize that peaceful activism is a vital component of democracy and refrain from suppressing those who seek positive change.

In the strongest terms, we urge the Ukrainian and United States government to review the charges against the Kononovich brothers and acknowledge their peaceful activism as a legitimate exercise of their rights. The world is watching, and the credibility of the Ukrainian justice system hangs in the balance. Release the Kononovich brothers and create an environment that fosters open dialogue and respects the fundamental principles of justice, freedom, and human rights.

National Committee

American Student Union

League of Young Communists USA Political Bureau Statement Supporting the Freedom of the Kononovich Brothers in Ukraine

As Americans who value the fundamental principles of freedom, justice, and human rights, we stand in solidarity with the Kononovich brothers in their pursuit of freedom and fair treatment in Ukraine. We believe that every individual deserves the right to express their opinions and beliefs without fear of persecution or unjust imprisonment.

The Kononovich brothers, Alexei and Ivan, have been dedicated activists advocating for democratic reforms and transparency in their home country. They have actively engaged in peaceful demonstrations, voicing their concerns and aspirations for a more inclusive and accountable government. We applaud their courage and commitment to a better future for Ukraine.

However, we are deeply concerned about the reported violations of their rights and the unjust treatment they have faced. The arrest and subsequent torture and imprisonment of the Kononovich brothers appear to be politically motivated, aimed at stifling dissent and suppressing voices that advocate for positive change. Such actions undermine the principles of democracy and the rule of law that we hold dear.

We call on the government of Ukraine and the United States to ensure a fair and transparent legal process for the Kononovich brothers. It is essential that they are provided access to legal representation, a fair trial, and the opportunity to present their case without intimidation or coercion. Upholding the principles of due process and respecting human rights is not only vital for the Kononovich brothers but also for the overall credibility and integrity of the Ukrainian justice system.

Furthermore, we urge the Ukrainian authorities to review the charges against the Kononovich brothers and to consider their peaceful activism within the broader context of democratic participation. Peaceful dissent and activism are essential components of a thriving democracy, allowing citizens to engage in constructive dialogue and contribute to the progress of their nation. It is crucial to distinguish between peaceful activists and those who genuinely pose a threat to public safety.

In closing, we emphasize that the freedom of expression and the right to peacefully advocate for change are fundamental values shared by both the American and Ukrainian people. We stand with the Kononovich brothers and all those who seek justice, fairness, and respect for human rights in Ukraine. We call upon the Ukrainian government to release the Kononovich brothers and to ensure that their rights are protected, fostering an environment that encourages open dialogue and constructive engagement for the betterment of society.

Political Bureau

Central Committee

League of Young Communists USA

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