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The Kiev Regime is Fascist!

By the American Peace Information Center (APIC)

The trademarks of a fascist regime is that it
– bans opposition political parties, especially Communist parties
– represses trade unions and denies workers’ rights

In fact, the Kiev regime

o has banned all opposition political parties, including the second biggest party in the Ukraine, the Communist Party of the Ukraine,
o has destroyed worker rights through new legislation which “weakens labor protection, narrows the scope of labor rights and social guarantees of employees,” says the International Labor Organization. The legislation bans strikes and bans collective bargaining for any workplace with less than 250 employees, which covers 70% of the work force.

In addition:
– The Kiev regime was installed through a coup that overthrew the elected constitutional government of the Ukraine.
– Kiev regime military collaborates with Nazi Azov battalion.
– Kiev regime allied Right Sector fascist militia attacked peaceful demonstrators in Odessa and burned them alive by setting a fire in trade union building (2014).
– Kiev regime conducts biological warfare experimentation in multiple labs throughout country.
– Kiev regime soldiers wear swastikas.
– Kiev regime is repressing the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, which it seeks to ban.
– Kiev regime has been shelling the Donbass region ever since the 2014 coup
– Kiev regime has repressed the Russian language which is the principal language of many Ukrainians, especially in the East.
– Kiev regime has jailed and tortured the Kononovich brothers, the Leaders of Youth League of Communist party of Ukraine, since March 2022 and only recently have transferred them to house arrest.
– Kiev regime President Zelensky supports the apartheid state of Israel.

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