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The Revolution Report Awarded for Donbass Documentary at XXI Annual Yuri Ozerov International War Film Festival

By The Revolution Report –

TRR Editor-in-Chief and Director of “8 Years Before” Donald Courter was awarded the Crystal Prize for an outstanding documentary about the Donbass Conflict with producer Jeff Monson at the Yuri Ozerov International War Film Festival in Tula, Russia.

“This is really a great honor…we just wanted to show the West the truth of what was happening in Donbass…I want to thank Russia for carrying the banner of anti-fascism and anti-imperialism in our time!” Donald said in his acceptance speech.

The festival is sponsored by the Russian Presidential Fund For Cultural Initiatives, Russia’s Cultural Ministry, Tula’s regional government, Russia’s Filmmakers Union, Russia’s Veterans’ Union, and state-media giants including but not limited to Channel 1, Russia Today, and Russia 24.

Click here to watch 8 Years Before!

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