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The Ultraleftist

The Ultaleftist / El Izquierdista – Ramon Puyol. 1936, Spain.

By: Daily Worker Editorial Board

The super-leftist wears a uniform of the Spanish Republic with tricolor cuffs, a hammer and sickle, and not one, but two stars, showing his loyalty to the Republican side. He raises not one, but two fists into the air to show his pride; yet something is off about the ultraleftist; he appears bestial, his clothes are tattered, and he has a liars’ nose like Pinnochio which carries another fist. Yet, behind his back, the left and right arms join together in a handshake, representing the ultraleft and fascist ideologies secretly working together. The ultraleftist marches forward yet cannot move, as his back leg has become a tree. His leg has become rooted into the ground: the ultraleftist cannot move forward ideologically and will forever be stuck right where he is. Sprouting from his leg, a demonic limb does the Heil Hitler salute. His chest is cut away, showing his heart to be a fat capitalist banker, sitting cordially.

Ultraleftists are related to the fifth column, a term created in 1936 by the Francoist General Emilio Mola, who said his army had four columns attacking Madrid, but most important was the fifth column, already inside the city.

The PCUSA sees ultraleftists gathering once again to cheer on the NATO camp in the fourth Reich’s effort to dismember Russia into smaller countries. Just like the wreckers within the Spanish Republic of the 1930s, in 2023 there are many who call themselves Communists or Marxist-Leninists that use Communist and socialist slogans to secretly aid the advancement of NATO in Ukraine.

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