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United Jewish Peoples Fraternal Order Attends Camp Kinderland 100th Anniversary

Camp Kinderland, a Jewish youth camp associated with the historic Communist Party (which the Party of Communists USA claims as its legacy), celebrated its 100th Anniversary on October 7, 2023.

The anniversary meeting was attended by Angelo D’Angelo, General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Party of Communists USA, and members of the allied organization United Jewish Peoples Fraternal Order.

The history of the youth camp was revisited, with musical renditions, history, and commemorations.

The Party of Communists USA continues the legacy of Camp Kinderland, and Camp Wo-Chi-Ca, and the League of Young Communists USA held its inaugural meeting in the summer of 2023 at Camp Red Star in Vermont.

The League of Young Communists USA, allied with the American Student Union and other mass organizations, continues the tradition of Communist-inspired and organized youth camps in the United States.

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