The Worker

WFDY: Let Us Continue Raising the Flag of Peace and Anti-Imperialism High

We end the year 2022 in a challenging context of an intensification of imperialist barbarism against the peoples and youth of the world. But this, far from leading us to discouragement or pessimism, should serve us to strengthen the struggle of the anti-imperialist youth. Following in the path of all our comrades around the world who struggle for honourable causes despite the repression and political persecution of the ruling classes, learning from our mistakes and successes, we will keep the struggle alive. We start the New Year with the challenge of strengthening the struggle against imperialism and for a new world free of exploitation and any kind of oppression, where all of the youth have a right to education, dignified work, health, housing, freedom and peace.

In 2023, let’s continue raising the flag of peace and anti-imperialism high. Let’s continue struggling united against the number one enemy of the youth and people: imperialism.

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