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PCUSA – Call for Support in the Legal Fund Drive to Defend Against Wreckers

Our Party of Communists USA (PCUSA) organization suffered an unprecedented attack on our infrastructure in August 2022. “Trusted” leadership planned to take over our organization through a coordinated attack on all our platforms, websites, and finances. Although they were able to deny us access to our resources, they failed in their attempt to destroy our organization. We are stronger, and wiser, now. However, we are now engaged in a Civil Court case battle to get back our financial access to our accounts as well as personal property that was stolen, and 5 years of archival data pertinent to our organization. The wreckers may have financial support from a few organizations that have also stated their animosity toward us. That is why we are now reaching out to fellow travelers for help in continuing our struggle. Internally, we have raised thousands, however, this court case will be ongoing for the next year.

Donate now to help us in our struggle against the wreckers:

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