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On the 3rd Party Congress: A Sign of Unity, Strength, and Clarity

With the completion of the Party of Communists USA’s (PCUSA) Third Congress, our Party has come out of the event with clarity on what the future holds and what tasks lay ahead. Between groups acting as a blockade to international cooperation, to wreckers in 2022 attempting to wreck the PCUSA, the Party has had to fight for its legitimacy since its formation. Since the start of the Special Military Operation in February 2022, the World Communist Movement has seen a realignment between the ultra-left forces and the progressive forces of the world pushing towards multipolarity. As this realignment has taken place, the PCUSA has earned itself a place among the Communist parties leading us into what our General Secretary has called “a third epoch”.

The Third Congress has shown the world that the PCUSA is united. The reaffirmation of Marxism-Leninism as its central guiding principle and the rejection of New Left Ideology and “Critical Theory” cements Marx’s theory of class struggle as the primary agent of change. Reiterating the Comintern’s Seventh Congress and Comrade Georgi Dimitrov, the PCUSA has shown its correct understanding of Fascism and the form it takes. Many ultra-left and anarchist formations frequently mislabel others as fascists based on ideas of xenophobia and racism, but forget the main factor: finance capital.

The formation of a Popular Front is what will truly separate the Party from other groups in the US. While others are stuck either tailing the Democratic Party on one side, or appealing to campus activists and petty-bourgeois radicals on the other, a Popular Front is what will engage all democratic forces in the US towards a defeat of Fascism. 

Our Party has emerged through past struggles steeled in its ideology and analysis. The PCUSA has now gained recognition on the world stage by receiving acknowledgements from over 80 parties around the world and is positioning itself to be the true Vanguard of the American working class.

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