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On the Ten Year Anniversary of the Odessa Trade Union Massacre

2022 video documenting the crimes of the Ukrainian Nazis in the Odessa Trade Union Massacre of 2014.

On May 2nd, 2014, Ukrainian Nazis surrounded the Odessa House of Trade Unions and set it on fire, while people were barricaded inside on the ground floor and had to jump out of the second story windows to escape. When they fell, many hurt themselves or broke their legs, and members of the fascist Right Sektor finished them off with clubs, bats, knives, and other weapons. The Odessa Trade Union House was one of the central locations for political activity against the Maidan coup which installed the current fascist regime in Kiev, and this is why it was targeted by the Nazis. Trade unionists, Communists, and those opposed to the fascist regime were slain, and the perpetrators have since been promoted from rag-tag right-wing paramilitary units to the full-fledged special forces and police units of the fascist government of Ukraine.

Vadim Papura, 17 year old Communist killed in the Odessa House of Trade Unions Massacre

Today, we honor the memory of the victims of this politically-motivated violence directed by the United States government!

We honor the fallen – never forget!
Defend and stop the desecration of Soviet monuments and cemeteries!
Defend the legacy of Soviet Ukraine!

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