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“Platform” Magazine – All Issues Now Available on New Outlook Publishers!

We are happy to announce that New Outlook Publishers, the Party of Communists USA’s affiliated book publisher, will now carry all issues of “Platform” magazine, which is the official organ of the World Anti-Imperialist Platform. This is the first and only publisher to carry print issues of the Platform magazine in the United States. The magazine is available for order here:

Currently, the magazine can only be delivered within the United States, but we we expect to make it available for international distribution within the near future.

The World Anti-Imperialist Platform, a new organization which emerged after the beginning of the Russian intervention in Ukraine in 2022, has already become a leader within the international movement of communists and workers. It struggles against the ultraleft-radical revisionism and opportunism which has unfortunately gripped certain elements of our movement in recent times. Readers can learn more about the World Anti-Imperialist Platform on their official website here:

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