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View from Left Field: Celebration of the 80th Anniversary of Great October Socialist Revolution (1997)

The Party of Communists USA is happy to present a recording of the celebration of the 80th anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution, held in 1997 at the Case de las Americas in Manhattan, New York.

This event was a production of U. S. Friends of Northstar Compass, predecessor to today’s U. S. Friends of the Soviet People.

The celebration was initially broadcast in 1997 on Staten Island Community Television, as part of the “View from Left Field” public access television program.

Featured speakers:
Bernard Livingston, Writer & Poet, U. S. Friends of Northstar Compass
Deirdre Griswald, Editor, Workers’ World Newspaper
Larissa Shmailo, Author of “How My Family Survived the Camps”
Fae Schwartz, Singer/Songwriter
Dr. David Michael Smith, Professor of Political Science, New York College
Phillip Stein, Editorial Board, “The Hammer”
Michael Lucas, Editor, Northstar Compass Magazine
Charles Keller, Arts & Entertainment Club, Communist Party of New York State
Tony Mestre, Friends of Soviet People in Socialist Cuba

Also featured:
Greetings from Friends of the Soviet People in Latin America

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