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Support for Russell “Texas” Bentley

Comrade Russell “Texas” Bentley, the anti-fascist fighter who went to Donbass in 2014-2015 to fight against the Ukraine coup government, has been missing for five days. Texas’ disappearance coincides at a time when Vasily Prozorov, who runs the UKR Leaks Telegram channel, was targeted by a car bomb. Thankfully, Vasily Prozorov has survived the attack. However, Russell remains missing,

Texas’ wife Lyudmila made a video appeal.

Russell Bentley has worked with US Friends of the Soviet People organization over the years.

Another anti-fascist fighter in Donbass, Alexis Castillo, passed away last year.

Alexis Castillo giving speech

Comrade Texas runs the Donbass Human Aid organization, which brings food and supplies to the families in the conflict zone. Donations can be sent to

Donbass Humanitarian Aid – Serving the Russian Orthodox (

The Donbass Cowboy: A War Journal by Russell Bentley – The Greanville Post

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